Dad Fails to See Baby Fall From Stroller

CLEVELAND (AP) — A man says he was drunk and didn't notice until he got home that his infant son had fallen out of his stroller during a nighttime walk through a field, according to authorities.

Geraldine Johnson, 37, said she awoke to a baby's cries about 3 a.m. Tuesday and ran to the field, where she found the child in the dirt. She called police and an ambulance, police Lt. Thomas Stacho said Wednesday.

The baby was taken to a hospital and found to be uninjured, then was taken to welfare authorities, Stacho said.

Police talked to the father, who had returned to the field looking for the boy.

The man, whose name was not released, told police he was intoxicated when he was pushing his son in a stroller across a field and didn't notice the baby was missing until he got home.

"He was intoxicated and told officers he had been drinking since about 3 p.m. Monday," Stacho said.

Prosecutors will decide whether to charge the man with wanton endangerment.

The man told officers that he had been pushing his son in a stroller across the field in the dark and hit a bump, and that the baby must have bounced out, Stacho said.

The infant has been placed with his maternal grandmother while the mother complies with welfare measures, officials said.

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