BaBy Word To Talk

Some word from your baby

baba (bottle)
beddy-bye (go to bed, sleeping, bedtime)
binkie (pacifier or blanket)
blankie (blanket)
boo-boo (wound or bruise)
bubby (brother)
dada (dad, daddy)
didee (diaper)
nappy (diaper - diaper is not used in British English: nappy is the correct word)
din-din (dinner)
num nums( food/dinner)
ickle (little (chiefly British))
icky (disgusting)
jammies (pajamas)
nana (grandmother)
oopsie-daisy (small accident)
owie (wound or bruise)
pee-pee (urinate)
poo-poo or doo-doo (defecation)
potty (toilet)
sissy (sister)
sleepy-bye (go to bed, sleeping, bedtime)
stinky (defecation)
wawa (water)
wee-wee (urination or penis)
widdle (urine (chiefly British))
widdle (little (chiefly American))
wuv (love)
yucky (disgusting)
yum-yum (meal time)
mama (mom, mommy)
uppie ( wanting to be picked up)

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